Welcome to Diva's erotic hypnosis Domina domain...

Erotic hypnosis picture
Obey, accept your new programming.

I am a powerful Femme Fatale.

Every individual responds to erotic hypnosis differently.

I may find chemistry and impose immediate control, or it may take time to break through your barriers of stress and distraction.

Shy, curious? Peruse My Erotic Hypnosis MP3 Files and study My soothing voice and potent hypnosis roleplay techniques.

Or enjoy My growing Video Files collection and become entranced by My ethereal movements.

Serious subjects may inquire about discreetly billed phone and live webcam sessions. Though this is exciting adult entertainment, just as with most entertainment you should be careful if you have health issues that might be aggravated by hypnotic trance roleplay.

With my phone line I enjoy sinking deep into your mind and exploring your corridors and pathways, many long since dormant with the onset of your busy hectic life. My voice is sweet yet stern, and My intuition is perfectly tuned.

Through My webcam line I can twist you with little more than a bat of My eyelash or the crossing and uncrossing of one of my perfect hosiery clad legs. Serious subjects interested in webcam sessions may begin training via My Session with Diva access links.

Warning: I am an expensive obsession.